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11:20 | November 10, 2017


My music

When I was 18 years old I signed a music contract with a major in the states. I had never ever been to America and they put a teen on a flight alone to Los Angeles. They sold the American dream of being an artist and I believed every word. Nothing turned out as they promised and my project was just pushed away. Signing in the states made me trapped in dispute label deal for 6 years. I wrote music all the time, but I couldn’t show anyone. Of course it was one of the toughest battles in my life, but instead of just waiting to be free I started to be creative in other areas instead. After a battle with lawyers in the state I finally got out of my deal. Yesterday I released my first song. Without a huge major, without a big company behind, it’s just me and friends I trust. I’m at the point where I just wanna do music no matter how ”huge” it will be. This is a project from my heart and I can’t wait to show you more of it (❤️) and what I’ve been working on. This is just the beginning!


2 Responses to “LISTEN TO MY FIRST SONG”

  1. Rebecka W. Fagerberg on

    Jag kommer ihåg när jag läste att du hade musik på gång och jag längtade efter att få höra något, men nu förstår jag varför det tog så lång tid. Så himla tråkigt att det blev som det blev 🙁 Men också sjukt kul att lyssna på det du har släppt nu, awesomenezz!


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