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14:22 | July 28, 2010

English please?

My life

 I understand that I have blog readers from countries other than Sweden and I see myself in lots of different foreign websites all the time. Who are you and where are you from? Please, leave a comment if you are not from Sweden. I’m so curious!!! If you have not already noticed, there is a google translator on the side of my blog. You can translate Swedish into your language. Thank you for reading my blog!


Jag i några utländska bloggar och medier:


 Style Scrapbook, mexikansk stylist som bloggar från Amsterdam.



Trendencias, Spaniens tydligen största blogg.



Förstasidan på VG , norges motsvarighet till Aftonbladet/Expressen.

150 Responses to “English please?”

  1. Janine Dc on

    i’m janine and born and raised in the UK but I’m filipino 🙂
    thanks for blogging! Please post a new vid… pretty pretty please with a cherry on the top! 🙂

  2. gabriella Almeida on

    Jag är från Brasilien, Sao Paulo, och jag kan säga att jag är på din blogg varje dag, bokstavligen är kär i honom, jag känner mig som din vän, jag älskar dina bilder, jag tror bara hälften av männen bar som du att världen skulle bli mycket vackrare!
    en jag har en blogg också

  3. Rut on

    hi! i read your blog all the time Love it 🙂
    I’m from Iceland

    ps. Loved michael jackson – heal the world you are a great singer

  4. Candace on

    Dude, you are freakin amazing!
    I’m from Ocala, Florida USA originally from NYC and I’ve gotta say, this is the first blog that I have ever followed and I am definitely inspired. ha, I didn’t even know guys could be so fashionable!
    Anyway, you’re awesome.
    The End.

  5. Izabela on

    I am from Auckland, New Zealand. You have heaps of fans here 🙂 I love your blog more than i can possibly say! I check it all the time. Do you speak English? ♥

  6. Maggie on

    I’m from West Virginia, USA. I literally read your blog everyday, it is my favorite blog at the moment! Oh and I just wanted to say that your wonderchild video is my favorite on your channel!

    Keep it up sweets!!

  7. matt on

    hey yeah completely love your blog.
    im matt from california. i try to show as many people to get your popular over here. you have great style i find myself getting tips all the time. im going to sweden next year i’ll keep an eye out for you! haha
    keep it up man

  8. Samantha on

    Hej, jag heter Samantha och jag är från Melbourne, Australien.
    Jag tycker om att läsa din blogg, du har bra stil!

  9. Anonymous on

    Här har vi en läsare från grannlandet Finland, en sådan med svenska som modersmål –> finlandssvensk. Vi kan säga att jag i misstag halkade in på din blogg, och har sedan den dagen följt med din blogg dagligen, ett av de bättre misstagen jag gjort. Jag gillar din stil och jag gillar din röst, kanske är det därför jag läser din blogg. Fortsätt på samma sätt och kanske, kanske kommer din stil att komma till Finland )

  10. Iris on

    Hi, I’m Iris and I’m from Finland. I found your blog via Lookbook and I adore your style (and tan)! And hah as Finnish I must study Swedish so reading your posts in Swedish is great practise for me :DD

  11. Ashleigh on

    I Like your style, I found you through lookbook…..
    I’m from South Africa but I live in Holland, I speek English, Dutch and a bit of Spanish……If you could do your blog also in English, then the rest of us can also understand your blog……hahahahahaaaaaa.
    I hope you have a great day!
    xoxo Ashleigh

  12. Janne on

    Jeg heter Janne og er fra Norge. Jeg vet ikke om Janne er et guttenavn i Sverige, men det er det i Finland hvertfall, men jeg er en jente 😀

  13. helena on

    I’m like following your blog for months now with bloglovin haha. I LOVE your blog.
    Love from the Netherlands ♥

  14. Jennyfer on

    Hejsan. Jag bor i Finland och är en finlandssvensk läsare. Älskar din stil, det blir liksom aldrig fel och du slutar tydligen aldrig att inspirera! 😀 Ha en bra dag!

  15. Arthur on

    Hey dude ! I’m Arthur and I’m from France. I usually use the google translator to translate your blog. I love your blog and your outfit !

  16. MaryWhitney on

    You have fans all over the world , Is not that hard because your great in everything you do and you know it , Im From Lisbon , Portugal 😀 I’ve been thinking about do you a enterview to post on my blog *-* Would be interesting hahha . Anyway I Love your blog .


  17. Alex on

    The problem is, the google translator is really bad! some words it won’t even translate.
    maybe you can write english and swedish. a lot of bloggers do it that way )

  18. :) on

    Hey I’m from Tokyo, Japan!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love it!:)
    you have a great sense of style and I also love your photographs!
    who takes them for you?

  19. Karina on

    Jeg er fra Norge, og har lest bloggen din lenge! Så deg først på, og ble kjempe glad da jeg så du hadde opprettet blogg, kjempe fin blogg og du har en utrolig kul stil!

  20. Ditte Maria on

    I’m from Denmark, so I don’t live that far away from you – I’ve actually been in Göteborg several times 🙂
    Love your blog, and it is not necessary for me to translate what you write, because I understand Swedish 🙂

    And btw. you deserve this attention from all these people, your blog is wonderful! 🙂

  21. Riccardo on

    I’m from Italy. Love your stile. I follow you since the times of I often get inspired by your photos: rolling up shorts, wearing plaid shirts etc.

  22. Meg on

    Hi! I’m from Poland and I love the way you dress – it’s truly perfect! I follow your stylisations on lb and listen to your songs on YouTube. 🙂
    I would be grateful if you could write sth in english from time to time!

  23. Helle on

    hi andreas!
    oh i haven’t discovered the google translate before but i think i’ll start using it. i’m from denmark, so if i try hard enough i can understand what you are writing 🙂
    love your blog.

  24. Mabel on

    Hola Guapo!

    Eres unos de los mas guapos chicos del mundo. Me encanta tu estilo de vestir.

    Saludos de Chile/Suecia

    Hej Snygging!

    Du är en av dem snyggaste killarna i världen. Jag älskar dein kläd stil.

    Hälsningar från Chile/ Sverige

  25. Mariana on

    Hi, Andreas!! I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil =) me and my friends always listen to your songs, and we love your blog SOOOOO MUCH!! You’re perfect, Brazil loves you!!!!! Kisses, Mariana

  26. Jezreel on

    I live in England (but originally from the Philippines) 🙂
    I was just browsing through Lookbook when I came across your picture. It had a link to this blog and what do you know, 5 hours later, I’m still looking at all your pictures, reading your blog entries and even watching your videos on YouTube. You are extremely talented (fashion sense, angelic voice) and gorgeous. And you seem like such a nice guy. Practically perfect. 😛 England needs more guys like you…

  27. S on

    Jeg er en jente på 17år fra Oslo, Norge:) ser på bildene dine for å hente inspirasjon til fargekombinasjoner osv. Dessuten ser du ut som en krysning mellom Paul Wesley og Trevor Donovan, så du skal ikke akkurat klage, haha

  28. Tanya on

    I live in germany/portugal and your
    blog is great. its just that the google translator translates like a dog. it does not make any sense because of the way they translate it. anyway, again great blog xx

  29. Annie on

    Hi, I’m from England and i LOVE your blog. You have a beautiful voice and you’re reaaallly hot! Guys in England generally have really bad fashion sense so you’re really a breath of fresh air. Keep doing what you’re doing and please come and sing in England some time! (preferably Devon) <3

  30. Anonymous on

    Miika heter jag och jag kommer från Karleby, Finland! Karleby är en liten stad i österbotten! Jag är 18 år gammal.

    Din stil är härlig! :–)

  31. Josh on

    hello! My name is Josh and I live in Scotland, UK. Not really all that far away from Sweden when you think about it. I never noticed the translate button before but my browser automatically translates everything into English for me so I can read all of your posts 🙂 You dress really well and I find you very interesting and you are even on my favourites list so I can get to your blog quickly! I love learning about the way of life in Sweden because it’s a place I would love to visit sometime. Hope you are doing well 🙂

  32. Emma on

    hej 🙂 ja heter Emma o ja e från helsingfors finland 😀 älskar verkligen din stil o musik o herregud du e sexig när du sjunger o tittar in i kameran sådär 😀 love it 😀

  33. Brandon on

    Hey I’m Brandon and I’m from America, California to be exact! I love your blog. It is like my daily bible. I go here for fashion inspiration. Your blog embodies three things that I love so much and enjoy, Fashion, Photography and Music. Keep on sharing your knowledge for the world!

  34. sarah on

    hi! I’m a girl from denmark. me ande some friends discovered your blog 3 months ago and now we all reads your blog. 🙂

  35. EdenRook on

    Hi,I’m from Poland and I love,love,love your look,sense of style and all that stuff <3 And like someone earlier mention it's like my daily bible.

  36. Jana on

    Hay Andreas,
    my name is Jana and I’m from Germany.I absolutely love your blog,your pictures.They are great.
    lovely greetz

  37. Melanie on

    I’m from Illinois, USA which is pretty much the most fashion deprived place you will ever see. Along with humidity, depressing cornfeilds, and a feeling that you will be stuck here forever. I discovered your blog from lookbook and i LOVE it! Your style is just so refreshing, all the guys here show up at school in their pajamas :(. Thank you for sharing your life and style and wish you all the best for your music career!

  38. Carolina on

    Hello!! 😀
    I’m from Portugal!! ^^
    I see your blog everyday and i like it very very much!! 🙂
    Congratulations for your excellent blog )

  39. Martina on

    Hey Andreas I’m from Italy!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while, since the times of I love your style and your photos.
    xx ♥

  40. Carlota on

    Hi ! =D
    I’m from Portugal .
    You have an amazing voice =) . And your style is great .
    I really like your blog and I read it everyday.

    Kisses =)

  41. Jonas on

    Enda en norsk leser her, tror du er relativt populær her ) Digger hvertfall bloggen din. Du er en stor inspirasjon når det kommer til mote ) Og virker som en flott person sånn generelt!

  42. Sofia on

    Hi Andreas! I’m from Majorca’s Island, in Spain!
    I love your blog, your style, your voice, and you’re so handsome too… I’m sorry, but I’m in love with you! haha
    I have the feeling that you’re a person worth knowing 🙂
    Kisses from the other end of Europe! (L)

  43. Anastasia on

    Russia…) I don’t know you and I’m on this blog for the first time, but if all the gays in Sweden look like you, I’ll be there soon.
    From Russia with love. Good luck:)

  44. Ana on

    Hello, i’m from Brazil. I know, it is really far from where you live. But i love your blog, even if i’m a girl. I already became a fan of yours. Hugs from South America!

  45. Gustav on

    Hey Andreas!
    I’m from Denmark, so I understand most of what you are writing. I’m working alongside with a lot swedish people in H&M in Copenhagen, so I’m used to listen to it.
    Ha det godt!

  46. Laura on

    Hi Andreas! im all the way in Australia! i love your blog!! i have a direct link on my toolbar for my few favourite blogs and yours is there! congratulations on doing such great things…im pretty sure everyone will be hearing more from you in the future!!! 🙂

  47. Elise on

    hii im from san francisco in california. its fun to read the comments and see all these cool people from different places come together. haha 🙂

  48. Michelle on

    Vancouver, Canada 🙂
    I remember reading your first blog that you had (I can’t remember the name, but you started blogging on it in 2008) because you posted it on lookbook a long time ago. Then you changed your blog site to something else, and then you changed it to this one! You really are one of my favourite lookbookers and a style hero.

  49. Susana on

    Hi Andreas I love your blog and all of your looks on lookbook, your one of my favorites!
    XOXO from Washington DC USA

  50. Marta on

    Hello love your blog, its so much fun to see how you dress. You are very inspiring to young boys here in iceland because every icelandic girl is crazy about your looks 😀 Your a real style icon 😀
    keep it up
    kisses from kópavogur ICELAND

  51. Liisa on

    I am a reader from Estonia. I’ve read(or watched and listened) your blog for a long time for now. Love your style and singing voice.

  52. Geir Atle on

    Regner med du forstår norsk, i og med at jeg selv ikke bruker google translaten. Jeg bor da helt sør i norge men flytter snart til Stuttgart. Elsker bloggen din og ikke minst stilen. Du inspirerer. Men jeg lurer på om du er virkelig 17 år? Er 17 selv men du ser så utrolig mye eldre ut enn meg og noen av mine venner. Håper på svar.

  53. morgen on

    hey, im from Connecticut, USA, which is one of the best/smallest states on the east coast…. really nice blog… i saw you on lookbook…please keep posting… google translator helps alot 🙂

  54. Nadine on

    I’m from Germany! Your voice is awesome and I really like your style! I should start learning Swedish, though, because google translator sucks! P

  55. Malin on

    hey, I’m german, too, and LOVE your blog. And yes, like the one before me already said: google translator sucks. But it’s okay, the wonderful pictures are enough. Like your style (and your perfect look )..). Go on like that.

  56. Satya on

    Hi Andreas, I’m from St.Maarten! THE most beautiful island in the Caribbean!!! I love your style, so so much. I think more guys should dress like you. First time visiting your blog and pretty sure this won’t be the last. You also have such an amazing voice.

  57. Natalie on

    Hej, jag kommer från Schweiz och tycker mycket om din blogg och om din stil (men bakgrunden på bilderna är alltid vacker också – du hittar alltid sååå vackra ställen!)! Keep up the good work! )

  58. Chiara on

    Hi! I’m from Italy, maybe I’m the first italian here! =)
    So what can I say? I really love your blog, your style and your whatever! <3

  59. Emilie on

    Hi ! I’m Emilie and I live in France !
    I love your style and your voice is just AMAZING !
    I hope that you’ll continue in this way.

  60. Julie Jakobsen on

    Julie Jakobsen, fra Norge! Har lest bloggen din i sikkert et år nå. Fant deg på Elsker bloggen din!:-D

  61. Alan on

    Hey Andreas,
    I’m from Melbourne Australia and I just like to say that you’re really cool, just like all the other really awsome Swedes!!

  62. Philippa on

    jag är typ helsvensk men bor i wien, österrike, har aldrig bott i sverige faktiskt. född i england, flyttade till prag när jag var 1 1/2 och kom till wien när jag var 4 1/2. har bott här sändess, så det blir 10 år nu. ursäkta min dåliga svenska, haha!

    visade din blogg för några i skolan och nu springer alla runt och skriker om andreas wijk, hahahahahaha! men dom fattar ju inte helt allt du skriver, fast det är ju det man har google translate till! men faktumet att du lägger upp så himla många fina bilder hjälper verkligen.

    älskar din blogg btw! och du har ganska många fina fans från wien nu!

  63. Rin on

    Hey !
    My name is Rim, Im moroccan but I live in Canada
    And I just can’t stop visiting your blog!
    I just looove your style so much 🙂
    Keep up, we love you <3

  64. Tuulia on

    Hej Andreas!
    Jag kommer från Finland och tycker jag att din blogg är härlig.!
    Det är bra att du skriver på svenska. Jag lärde mig mer om svenska.


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