12:37 | February 26, 2018




”LIAR” is out. 🎶🙏🏽 I wrote this song a month ago and the fact that you’re already listening to it feels unreal. For years I wrote music, but because of my label deal, they wouldn’t let me release anything. Me and my friend Philip were in his basement everyday creating music and I was just waiting for the day to show you what I was working on. I have a catalogue of maybe 50 songs that I had to erase, because I don’t own the rights to MY OWN material anymore. The music has been a long and tough journey, but the fact that I’m here today free to release my songs whenever I want is unreal. I don’t feel any pressure from huge producers or plan makers – I can create my own thing, with the people I love. I’m so at peace with where I am right now and even if it’s a much smaller project than what I was working on in 2011 it feels so much bigger to me. My creativity was put in a place where I was being held back, but today I can be free creating whatever I want as an artist. Thanks for all the love on my new record. It means everything. I can’t wait to show you what’s next… ❤️



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